Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visiting Oslo...

This week I’m writting from Oslo, I’ll be the whole week here to visit my family and participate in different meetings with partners from NTNU about three different submarine prospection projects that we are preparing for the first half of 2010.

While in Spain all the tv news talk about that the winter has started its soft here in Oslo, all according the normal temperature of course, today we have only -5ºC. Some could think that its really cold but taking into account that in these lands we are used to have -20ºC in the hard times of winter...its not a big deal.

I wanted to come back to Oslo, I have lived many years here, the Capital city of Norway. Some months have passed since the last time I was there, back to summer, when I was in Norway for two months working in a combined project with the Artic Group related to Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet, Edgeøya y Barentsøya islands, known aswell as Svalbard. A place that I have visited many times in the past years and a very important place for my main investigations.

Back to Oslo, maybe the side of the city that I like more is Nationaltheater. Just in the center of the city gathers some of the most famous and beautiful buildings of the capital of Norway like the Parliament, the University and very close from there, the comercial side of the harbour, where young and old people can have lunch and enjoy taking some beers.

People that have never been there will be surprised for the multi-cultural feeling of that section of the city. Many university students, investigators, workers from international companies, use to gather there to have fun. In fact, it was in one of the restaurants of Nationaltheather, Friday’s, where I meet for first time my wife, a beautiful Spanish woman, who is the reason to live now most of the year in Madrid.

I’m not extending this update more, here It’s dinner time and the family awaits. Tomorrow I have to run some very interesting meetings and I hope I’ll be able to update again in few days with one of the first pieces of the enigma called Hyperborea.

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